Under a Tuscan Sun Goddess

If you would like to learn more bout Dionysos’ presence in Northern Italy in preparation for the Kybernesia, check out some of the following:


  1. Total tangent, but this might be something you can assist me with at the moment, and for which I’ll happily credit you in a footnote…

    For my paper for Scotland, I’m talking about the whole “in skotioi” thing in Greek culture and myths, of which the most prominent examples are Dionysos, Achilles, and Herakles. I had the idea for the paper I’m writing now between 13-15 years ago, and have had it going through my mind pretty regularly since then, but can’t remember where/how I first got the idea. I know that I read somewhere about the whole thing of boys being sent to the women’s quarters to be raised, and sometimes being dressed as girls, and it used the phrase “in skotioi” for it, pointing out that in Greek, that means “in darkness,” and I know it was in relation to either Dionysos or to Achilles that it was stated. But, now looking back through different expectable books on this, I can’t find exactly where I first saw it. Do you happen to know any sources off the top of your astonishingly Bacchic brain that specifically mention this phrase in relation to Dionysos?


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