Tips for celebrating Kybernesia

1. Have the whole group practice the chants while you’re getting ready; if you need to write the parts Dionysos and Akoites will be reciting out on cards do so, but it’s best if recited from the heart, even if it’s less perfect and lines get altered.

2. As long as there are no conflicting dietary restrictions an Italian seafood feast would be appropriate for this festival – assuming it’s dolphin-free, of course.

3. One can also make cookies in the shapes of ships, pirates, marine life, etc.

4. Because this is also Akoites’ day it is a time of increased psychic clarity, so experiment and see what you’re capable of. You may want to have costumes – even a cape or different kind of crown – to represent the participants chosen to perform the roles of Dionysos and Akoites. Possession is a possibility, so have a competent ground crew in place just in case.

5. This is an especially auspicious time to perform initiations.