and curiouser and curiouser

Well, this is an amusing twist.

Y’all remember how DC Comics had this whole story arc where the Clown Prince of Crime was revealed to be an immortal Dionysian?

Turns out that in the TV series Gotham the Joker has been split in two, as the brothers Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska:

Now this is interesting not just because my given name is Jeremiah – Valeska is Slavic for “Glorious Ruler.”

“Don’t compare me to that short sighted psychopath; he just wanted to destroy things. Me…I’m a builder. I’m gonna create a new Gotham in my image, but every artist needs a blank canvas so all of this has to go.” —Jeremiah to Harvey Bullock


  1. Well, now, that’s very interesting!! I’ve only seen bits and pieces of Gotham, so I didn’t know that Jerome had a twin brother named Jeremiah. I really like all the actors who play the villains on Gotham. Thanks for posting this! And very cool re. your name. :)


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