Tips for celebrating Agrionia

1. Include representations of the Toys at the Bakcheios idol to assist with purging madness. Make sure that they are a set that may be handled by strangers.

2. During the dance portion make available strips of cloth for participants to handle and tear to get out their aggression or gain release and deliverance. Before these are distributed start them off by making a small incision at the top and bottom. They should be white, red or black colored.

3. Paint eggs black, white and red and hide them throughout the property. Participants may crush them when they are found. Have a clean up station somewhere so everyone doesn’t make a mess or contract some terrible disease.

4. Experiment with entheogens!

5. Make offerings to Orpheus, Medeia and Melampos and the other Heroes and Heroines of the Green Way before the start of the festival.