Recitation for Agrionia

Orphic Hymn 45. To Dionysos, Bassareus and Triennial

̓Ελθέ, μάκαρ ∆ιόνυσε, πυρίσπορε, ταυρομέτωπε,
Βάσσαρε καὶ Βακχεῦ, πολυώνυμε, παντοδυνάστα,
ὃς ξίφεσιν χαίρεις ἠδ’ αἵματι Μαινάσι θ’ ἁγναῖς,
εὐάζων κατ’ ̓́Ολυμπον, ἐρίβρομε, μανικὲ Βάκχε,
θυρσεγχής, Βαρύμηνι, τετιμένε πᾶσι θεοῖσι
καὶ θνητοῖσι Βροτοῖσιν, ὅσοι χθόνα ναιετάουσιν :
ἐλθέ, μάκαρ, σκιρτητά, φέρων πολὺ γῆθος ἅπασι.

Come, blessed Dionysos, bull-faced God conceived in fire,
Bassareus and Bakchos, many-named master of all.
You delight in bloody swords and in the holy maenads,
as you howl throughout Olympos, O roaring and frenzied Bakchos.
Armed with the thyrsos and wrathful in extreme, you are honored
by all the Gods and by all the men who dwell on earth.
Come, blessed and leaping God, and bring much joy to all.