Rejected titles for the article


19th Century Russian tapestry, Triumph of Bacchus

Rejected titles for the article:

Dionysos Philobarbaros
Boreal Bacchus
Zagreus in the land of Dracula and the Sky Bear
A Furious Wind From the North
A Strange God Cometh
A child of moist mother Earth and starry Heaven
Bacchic Heathenry
Putting the odd in Theodism
Limping towards Leipzig
Dancing on the Dniester
Evohéing in Hjørring
To Bacharach and back
What do those crazy poets know?
Putin on the fawnskin
Black Sun and Rose Fingered Dawn
Well, Homer Hesiod did say he was blond …
Pour the fervent liquid of scarlet delights into my ardent Grail!
Nietzsche went mad for your sins