Der Maskengott

While doing research for the article I discovered that SMITE had released a new “Brynhildr” skin for their character Bacchus:


I-I’m … not sure if I should take that as confirmation of my theory? A hitherto unknown syncretism? The long-lost sequel to Kratinos’ Dionysalexandros? Incipient pop culture pagan impiety? Fodder for Wotanic fanfic I do not want to read? (But will probably work into my next poetic cycle.) 


    • Oh it is. The plot sucks balls. The story centers around a war between the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Chinese, Hindu, Celtic, Japanese, Vooodoo, and Slavic Gods over worshippers. Essentially, humanity has lost faith in the Gods so there are two main factions: the ones that want to gain worshippers by punishing humanity and the other one that wants to gain worshippers by being kind to humanity. The leaders of both factions are Hades and Zeus respectively. So yeah, it’s fucking stupid


  1. Or probably Dionysos screwing with us to see if we are paying attention. And yes I hate SMITE as well. I downloaded it out of curiosity and when I saw some of the skins for the gods,,, I uninstalled it with a heavy dread feeling full of NOPE!


    • Forget the skins! The regular designs are weird at times too. Why is Scylla a little girl? I mean, I get it, they wanted a character that resembles Annie from League of Legends, but seriously? And the “sexiness” of the Goddesses is a bit much. Do we really need to see that Nemesis is wearing a thong under Her clothes? And why did they make Neith a genki girl? Literally Her victory screen is Her doing the Carmel Dansan Dance. Why? The community makes it worse. I was about ready to flip my lid after I heard someone saying they wanted Kali’s “big blue booty”.


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