1. You know what really upsets me? Today I plan on giving offerings to Dionysos Meilichios and I invited a heathen I met yesterday to the rite. He told me that he couldn’t because he is “true to the Aesir”. How foolish he and others who think like him are considering how prevalent the Lord Dionysos is in the north.

    Praise to you Dionysos of the North! May your wine continue to warm the hearts of all people, especially those who live in the cold, dark north!

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      • Oh wow…. I didn’t even know about that…

        Just goes to show how weird the Heathen community really is. No offense to any Heathens out here but that community pretty much boils down to Protestantism: Pagan Edition (I’d say Polytheist but even that apparently is in question over there)


  2. Not surprisingly, this is of great interest to me. ;) I’ve been to the region of Switzerland described above, between Vevey and Lausanne…very nice!

    A question: in the Gervase of Tilbury excerpt you gave above, it is certainly interesting that such a thing is said to exist; but, what makes it specifically Bacchic or Dionysian, other than symbolic inference? (Are all such miraculous cupbearers Dionysian, or could they be, for example, Ganymedean?–a fair question, perhaps?)


    • I dunno. The book I originally found the quote in said it was Dionysos, but I’m not sure if they explained why or what that explanation was, as it’s been a number of years.


        • I ended up getting a great deal more out of those trips to Switzerland (there were a few of them, back between ’04 or ’05 and ’07) to visit Gay Godfather Ash than I had expected. The town where he and his partner were living at the time, Nyon, had a small Roman museum that I enjoyed a great deal, and of course the whole area along Lake Geneva/Lac Leman was wonderful. Helvetii territory, if I remember correctly, which of course means “GAULS!” as well…the stuff we went to in Lausanne and Vevey wasn’t ancient, it was mostly medieval or renaissance Christian, and I think Vevey had a weird little sci-fi museum we visited that was a bit silly…but oh well, it was still fun!


      • If you can remember the book, I’d love to know more…it could be useful in that certain article I’ll be writing (the current version of which thanks you in the introductory footnote!).


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