Tips for celebrating Orgia

1. Research the Bacchic Women who came before us; write their stories on cards and have the participants draw one at random. Once they’ve read the card during ritual they can “adopt” her and start paying her regular cultus.

2. Once you’ve made the stone idols wrap them in linen and store them for next year. With each festival they will grow in power – especially if you ritually feed them between festivals.

3. If your group hasn’t already, formally incorporate as a thiasos on this date, so that the festival becomes the anniversary of your founding.

4. If possible, celebrate this festival at a campground or cabin, so that afterwards the Mainades of your group can roam the woods and go on oreibasia. Divine to see if males can come as well, or if they should do their own ritual at base camp. (And guys, if the women say that you can watch but only if you dress up as one of them, don’t do it – it’s a trap!)

5. If you’re stuck in the city go on a meandering walk and leave Greek keys everywhere.