Friendly strangers came to town

I’ve decided to hold off starting the book until Anthesteria; since my last post I’ve come up with a title, a rough synopsis and principle character sketches. In proper dithyrambic and Commedia dell’arte fashion I plan to fill in the rest through inspiration and improvisation – right before your very eyes!  I also think I may need to expand this from 66 to 100 poems, as we’ve got a lot of territory to cover. (Approximately 2,890.6 miles according to the Google, but that’s assuming we go in a straight line and we don’t do anything straight round these parts!) This is going to be so much fun. Although intended as a stand alone volume, you may want to familiarize yourself with the rest of the canon before we start, as there’ll be lots of allusion, intertextuality, cross-overs, apophenia and other means of stitching things together on display. (Including pretty, pretty red thread.) It’s the perfect time to start work on the book too, since after Anthesteria our festival calendar at the House of Vines is clear up until 18 Chthonieion when we’ll be celebrating Orgia.

Bacchic blessings to you all, and don’t leave your dead thirsty!

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