Third Degree: Round Two

C. A. A. proposed “Lego bricks.”


Which naturally called to mind the current of thought which identifies the Empedoclean rizomata (“roots” or elements, the primordial “building blocks” if you will of material existence) with the scattered members of Dionysos, as Plutarch relates in On the E at Delphi 9:

As for his passage and distribution into waves and water, and earth, and stars, and nascent plants and animals, they hint at the actual change undergone as a rending and dismemberment, but name the God himself Dionysos or Zagreus or Nyktelios or Isodaites. Deaths too and vanishings do they construct, passages out of life and new births, all riddles and tales to match the changes mentioned.

But then my mind flowed back to how that violent distribution occurred, which children unconsciously mimic in their spirited play, resulting in some very Artaudian digressions, particularly these random and disjointed fragments.