Third Degree: Round Three

Andrew Bayless made the sophistically astute observation:

Dionysos is the God of Life. Everything is within Him. So that would mean that there is nothing that cannot be connected to Dionysos. So my proposal is that nothing is the answer to the challenge!

Except that Dionysos is not just the God of Life, as the Orphics of Olbia remind us:

βίος. θάνατος. βίος. ἀλήθεια. Ζαγρεύς. Διόνυσος. [Life. Death. Life. Truth. Zagreus. Dionysos.] (SEG 28.659)

Indeed, they considered him the force that unites and transcends all polarities and contraries, as we see from the other bone inscriptions found at the site:

SEG 28.660:
Peace. War. Truth. Lie. Dionysos


SEG 28.661:
Dionysos. Truth. Body. Soul.

Which goes to the heart of the symbolism of the Midnight or Black Sun, discussed by Gwendolyn Taunton here. An even more far-reaching exploration of the subject can be found here by Tracy R Twyman but I highly recommend you take a lot of drugs before reading or it’s likely not to make a lick of sense.




  1. But did I win? I literally meant “nothing” to be the answer as to something that cannot be connected to Dionysos within three steps. Lol


  2. I would like clarify what I meant by saying Dionysos is a God of Life. What I should have said was that Dionysos is the God of Zoe (which everyone here knows is the unconquerable force of life). The same kind of life that the Gods have. If we go with the idea that divinity permeates everything (because our religion is animistic) and that this includes the concept of death, then that brings us to the conclusion that death is alive (which we do believe because we believe in spirits like Thanatos). Plus, the dead are alive in the afterlife so really nothing is “not alive”. So life and death are not opposites in and of themselves because they don’t even mirror each other: having life is a characteristic and death is a process. Properly speaking, what’s opposite is the state of something before being dead and the state of something after dying (which I presume is why the Greeks used the word Bios to mean “dying life”). Which would mean that truly the only thing that didn’t have life would be nothing


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