Opening the Way

Since tomorrow is the Noumenia of Morychion I’ll presently be posting some material on the month’s big festival, Anthesteria, so folks can begin preparing and getting in the proper mood and mindset.


Something else that may help with that is my book What Flowers in the Dark: A Poetic Journey Through Anthesteria:

This cycle of poems weaves back and forth from myth to history, the ancient world to the modern devotee’s practice, new takes on old stories to new stories with old elements, and even encompasses the extremes of age-old cryptic marginalia to modern political satire, and by such skillful juxtapositions creates a fluid and florid landscape that celebrates as well as elucidates this ancient holy tide of Anthesteria. Populated by deities, heroes, queens and kings, poets, seers and commoners in both tragic and comic masks spanning the corpus of antique and contemporary Dionysian narrative, these poems bring forth an inebriating stream of fine wine soaking a procession of the Dead…and the Dead themselves carry flowers in their hands for those living who would dare to take them up and smell their sweetness, nourished on that same intoxicating stream.

Speaking of Morychion, I’m curious to see how Dionysos’ oracle for the month will play out:

“I might have lost my ring, but I still have my fingers.”