I dream I’ll meet you deep deep down

Freyja is most gently born (together with Frigg): she is wedded to the man named Óðr. Their daughter is Hnoss: she is so fair, that those things which are fair and precious are called hnossir. Óðr went away on long journeys, and Freyja weeps for him, and her tears are red gold. Freyja has many names, and this is the cause thereof: that she gave herself sundry names when she went out among unknown peoples seeking Óðr: she is called Mardöll and Hörn, Gefn, Sýr. Freyja had the necklace Brísinga-men. She is also called Lady of the Vanir. (Gylfaginning 29)


  1. I think “Einstürzende Neubauten” together with Blixa Bargeld are really dionysian Artists. I love them. When I was looking through your playlists I found MANY artists I truly love. That’s funny.


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