Countdown to the Noumenia: when he comes forth, there is great rejoicing in the land.

The face of Dionysos shines as he strides across the land,
luminous as the moon in heaven,
golden as the wings of the Bennu-bird in flight.
Where he steps the earth becomes black,
the trees swell with fruit,
clear water rushes forth,
and the scent of acacia and pine fills the air
like a fine incense.
Dionysos appears as a bull in his strength,
as a young king in his power.
He is terrible and mighty,
filling the hearts of all who behold him with awe.
When he comes forth, there is great rejoicing in the land.
Wine is poured out, tables are piled high with food for feasting,
the maidens sing and dance in the street
and husbands take their wives to them.
The whole world is renewed through its Lord!