Countdown to the Noumenia: make a mask for the God of all green things.

On the 7th I posed the following:

Are you ready to go into the trees and encounter the face of the God who resides there? What are some ways that we can set that intent and begin working with these particular Dionysian energies at the month’s beginning? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments section.

To which Ariadne in Exile answered:

Gaze into tree bark or branches and whisper his name until you see His face emerge, gather and brew pine needles into a tea, divine with the Leaves of Dionysos, visit the same tree every day and get to know it.

All very good advice.

Another option: collect tree bark, branches, ivy, moss, pinecones, evergreen boughs, and whatever else is available locally and then make a mask as the centerpiece of your Dionysian shrine for the month of Dendriteion. Bonus points if you take the mask out and leave it in a conspicuous place, either when the month’s over or after Anthesteria. (You can write the Oration of Aristides in chalk, cryptic verses from Orpheus, Morrison or Bowie, or use a bibliomantic system to divine a message from the God to whomever finds it. Add other appropriate décor as you are moved to.)

If you send me pictures of your mask or glamour bomb, I’ll happily post them here at the House of Vines.