The House of Vines festival calendar for 2018 e.v.: Part Two

I’m numbering the days until the Noumenia of Dendriteion, which not only marks my return to festival-keeping but to blogging as well. In particular I am excited to be guiding you, my dear readers, through this sacred year of our Bacchic Lord and all the amazing things we’ll learn about He of Myriad Names together.

I don’t know if you noticed, but our calendar’s month names encode a prayer to the God – one I’ve found particularly potent since including it as part of my daily practice.

Dendriteion from Dendritês, “He of the Trees”
Morychion from Mórychos, “the Dark One”
Chthonieion from Chthonios, “Beneath the Earth”
Auxiteion from Auxites, “Giver of Increase”
Lusion from Lusios, “Releaser”
Dikereion from Dikeros, “Two-horned”
Taurokranion from Taurokranos, “Bull-headed”
Zagreion from Zagreus, “Great Hunter”
Kresion from Krêsios, “from Crete”
Bromion from Bromios, “Roaring”
Mainoleion from Mainolês, “Madly Raging”
Sphaleoteion from Sphaleotas, “He who makes them Fall Down”


He of the Trees,
the Dark One
Beneath the Earth,
Giver of Increase,
Great Hunter
from Crete,
Madly Raging,
He who makes them Fall Down.

Io! Io Dionysos! Io evohe! Lolo Bromius!

Originally I was going to do a follow-up post on the Norse side of our calendar here at the House of Vines, but I think I need to write a new poetry cycle first. I’m debating whether I should post the pieces here or devote a separate blog to the project. In any event, I have more pressing matters to attend to – like getting ready for Lenaia – so all that will have to wait for some velvet morning.

Are you ready to go into the trees and encounter the face of the God who resides there?

What are some ways that we can set that intent and begin working with these particular Dionysian energies at the month’s beginning? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments section; I’ll post my own in a couple days as part of my countdown to the Noumenia series.


  1. nice to see you back, dear one.
    i love walking among the winter trees, when i can raise the energy to dress appropriately and get out there. planning for it is harder than doing it. they whisper and clack their bony fingers together and mock me.
    it’s iron cold here on the east coast, and yet i can feel (when i stop and listen and don’t let the yammer of the mundane world overwhelm me) the stirring of His dead, still far below.
    but stirring.


  2. Gaze into tree bark or branches and whisper his name until you see His face emerge, gather and brew pine needles into a tea, divine with the Leaves of Dionysos, visit the same tree every day and get to know it

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  3. Tori Amos’s song “Wildwood” from her new album has been working to get me in the mood.


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