A voice crying in the wilderness


I think my time in the Cave of Visions is drawing to a close and I shall soon be returning to my people with sacred lore and rites of the Starry Bear to bestow.

I’ll also be starting a new poetic cycle, a stand-alone trilogy which will serve as πρόλογος to the Rising of the Black Sun. Or perhaps πρόδρομος would be more appropriate.

Which reminds me.

Over the Summer much of the Pacific Northwest was engulfed in apocalyptic flame. Wild fires ravaged the forest lands, approaching even the sacred territory of McKenzie where the Starry Bull tradition was born, and which has been frequent host of our revels. Moved by the plight of the Trees, Waters, Birds and Beasts, the Nymphs, Wights and Landvættir – and I suppose the humans too – I vowed to journey to Oregon and do a magical working towards Summer’s End to help with the recovery process.

Over the next month I’ll be posting suggestions of ways you too can assist, from the practical to the esoteric; I’m also going to be offering various crafts, services and contests as part of a fundraiser to help offset my travel and other expenses for this undertaking.

The first of which I’m unveiling now.

For a donation of $15 or more (Paypaled to sannion@gmail.com) I will pray and offer blessings on your behalf; for $30 I’ll do a candle-lighting, and for $66.60 I’ll curse your enemy’s head.

To sweeten the pot, if readers of the House of Vines successfully manage to raise $500 by Friday the 13th I will write an exhaustive commentary on the Bacchic Orphic mystery terminology used by the bricoleur of Matthew 4:1-11.


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    My husband is raising money for an upcoming journey to the West coast to do land-healing work. Take a look at what he’s got going on and if you are interested in being part of this, consider donating. personally, i want to see the commentary he’s promising!


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