The Great Work

Horns of Consecration:
A Starry Bull Mystery Play

Act One: Black Star Rising

  • End to End
  • Everything Dances: Strange Spirits 3
  • What Flowers in the Dark: A Poetic Journey Through Anthesteria
  • Strange Spirits Volume One
  • THIS IS NOT AN EXIT: Strange Spirits Volume II
  • Wine Dark
  • Monstrous Things
  • Pandæmonium and Silence
  • Going Forth

Act Two: Rooting a Tradition

  • Tending the Bull: A tradition of Dionysian devotion
  • Hunting Wisdom: A Bacchic Orphic Diviner’s Manual
  • Spirits of Initiation: A Study of the Toys of Dionysos
  • Revelry
  • Thunderstruck with Wine
  • Masks of Dionysos: Getting to know the God through his Heroes and Heroines
  • The Harlequinade: From Fairy Mound to Circus Tent
  • Show me where Saint Paul bit you
  • Cautionary Tales from an Orpheotelest’s Notebook


  • Gods and Mortals: New Stories of Hellenic Polytheism
  • Nightmares, Ecstasies and Theophanies
  • Old Myths From Before the Dawn

Act Three: Threads

  • The Green Cathedral
  • Behind the Curtain
  • Ash Spear and Moon Shield
  • Bloodflower
  • Carried Away
  • By a Northern Wind
  • Beyond the Pillars
  • Sacred Heart Mysteries
  • The Dark Side of the Mirror


  1. I believe the Irish said it best when they quipped, “Holy Feck!” ;)

    Can’t wait until it’s all done! (And you’re over half done, right–if we don’t take page numbers into account and instead look at books/individual volumes of whatever size they might be?)


    • Act One is completely finished. (Though one book remains to be published.) Act Two is about 2/3 finished, with six out nine books written (though only four of the six have been published.) Two of the Intermezzo, and all of Act Three remain to be written.


    • That’s when the bewildering clown-themed terrorism begins. People will have to turn to the books for clues, which will ensure that they are perennial best-sellers like Catcher in the Rye, Mein Kampf and the Koran, whatever happens to me personally.

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  2. That’s truely awesome, Sannion! Words are pouring from your lips and mind like how the Maeneds pour forth Dionysos’ sweet wine. (Ok, I was trying to be poetic. Didn’t quite work). Good on ya!! ^_^


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