Hail Ὀρφεύς, protect us!

Steven Kenny--The Web

But some historians, and Ephorus is one of them, record that the Idaean Daktyloi were in fact born on the Mount Ida which is in Phrygia and passed over to Europe together with Mygdon; and since they were wizards, they practiced charms and initiatory rites and mysteries and in the course of a sojourn in Samothrace they amazed the natives of that island not a little by their skill in such matters. And it was at this time, we are further told, that Orpheus, who was endowed with an exceptional gift of poesy and song, also became a pupil of theirs, and he was subsequently the first to introduce initiatory rites and mysteries to the Greeks. (Diodoros Sikeliotes, Library of History 5.64.4)