Hail Τριτοπάτορες, protect us!


Demon in the Atthis says that the Tritopatores are Winds, Philochoros that the Tritopatores were born first of all. For the men of that time, he says, understood as their parents to be Earth and the Sun, whom then they called Apollon. Phanodemos in book 6 maintains that only the Athenians sacrifice to them when they are about to marry and for the conception of children. In the Physikos of Orpheus the Tritopatores are named Amalkeides and Protokles and Protokleon, being doorkeepers and guardians of the Winds. But the author of Explanation claims that they are the offspring of Ouranos and Gaea, and that their names are Kottos, Briareos and Gyges. (Suidas s.v. Tritiopatores)


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