Black Star is nearly risen

When my 13-book “Black Star Rising” poetic cycle is complete, this is the (current*) recommended order that it should be read in:

* End to End
* Everything Dances: Strange Spirits 3
* What Flowers in the Dark: A Poetic Journey Through Anthesteria
* Strange Spirits Volume One
* With Stars For Eyes
* Satyrika
* Carried Away
* THIS IS NOT AN EXIT: Strange Spirits Volume II
* Wine Dark
* Monstrous Things
* Through Gates of Ivory and Horn
* Pandæmonium and Silence
* Going Forth

With this configuration I still have four more books to go. (With Stars For Eyes, Satyrika, Carried Away and Through Gates of Ivory and Horn is likely* the order they’ll be written in.) I’m aiming to have this whole thing wrapped up by All Hallows or Saint Martin’s Day at the latest. Oh, and I’ve decided that Gods and Mortals is the prologue to the “Black Star Rising” cycle and Through Gates of Ivory and Horn will revisit some of the characters from that book, providing a more direct link. Then I’m going to make it my custom to read the entire series from start to finish each October as a devotional act to the Gods and Spirits of the Starry Bull tradition.

* Subject to change without notice.


  1. Crikey…you’re making us all look bad! ;)

    But on a more serious note, that is awesome, and I hope it all comes to pass as you’ve outlined…I hope to have a book or two (or, ideally, 4-5!) out by Foundation Day-tide this year, too (though I’ve got at least two more academic pieces to get done slightly before then, too, and several other matters besides…ugh, another day a week just to work on these things would be most appreciated now!). We shall see how it all plays out…


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