Want to meet the Toys?

On July 1st, 2017 we’ll be starting the next round of the Toys of Dionysos course. Over a span of several weeks we’ll cover the history and nature of this family of peculiar and playful Spirits who oversee the initiatory process within the Starry Bull tradition and aid in divination, healing, cleansing, protection and magic. Once their background has been explored, and certain spiritual techniques mastered, the class will then be guided through encounters with each of the 10 Toys, potentially resulting in life-transforming experiences. You’ll want to set aside about three hours a week for the readings and exercises and one night for our regular online chat. 

The course costs $10 a section which comes out to $140.00 total.

To register send your payment to sannion@gmail.com via Paypal and a separate e-mail to the same address.

The e-mail should explain why you want to take the course and what time and day of the week works best for your schedule so that I can choose an optimal slot for the group chat. (Attendance at chats is not mandatory.)

Registration closes on June 20th.

If you pay before June 1st you’ll get 20% off for the low, low price of $112.00.

Act fast as space is limited!

If you’re uncertain if you should take the course give this playlist a listen.