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Nysa Press was founded to publish the writings of H. Jeremiah Lewis and help promote the revival of the worship of Dionysos and his fellow gods in the world today. His books explore a wide range of topics including ancient history, literature, philosophy, mythology and a practical approach to polytheist religion. There is also a fair amount of experimental poetry.

What people are saying about Nysa Press

Strange Spirits (Volume One)
Price: $15.00
Paperback, 188 Pages
Released: July 2012
ISBN: 1478120800

A collection of poetry and other mysteries.

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Price: $25.00
Paperback, 588 Pages
Released June 2011
ISBN: 1463534655

Who is Dionysos? There are as many answers to this enigmatic question as there are people asking it. For a significant portion of his life H. Jeremiah Lewis (perhaps better known by his religious name Sannion) has struggled to understand the ways and nature of this elusive ancient Greek deity of wine, vegetation, madness, drama, liberation and much else besides. In the course of his study and explorations he has produced an immense body of writing which has been gathered together in this unique volume for the first time ever. In addition to learning about Dionysian history, mythology, symbolism, and methods of worship both ancient and modern, the reader will gain a first-hand glimpse of what it’s like to know and love a god as strange as Dionysos. Of special interest to Dionysians and occultists, this volume sees the first publication anywhere of a new oracular system involving the myths, symbols and associations of Dionysos with a concise explanation of how to use it.

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From the Satyr’s Mouth: Wit and Wisdom from an Opinionated Polytheist
Price: $17.99
Paperback, 202 Pages
Released July 2010
ISBN: 1453643249

In ancient Greece, satyrs were famed for their mocking criticism of societal conventions. H. Jeremiah Lewis brings that same spirit to a discussion of contemporary Pagan life and values in this latest collection of essays.

Prepare to be challenged, informed, annoyed and hopefully entertained!

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The Balance of the Two Lands: Writings on Greco-Egyptian Polytheism
Price: $22.00
Paperback, 372 Pages
Released June 2009
ISBN: 1442190337

This collection of essays explores the long history and contemporary manifestations of Greco-Egyptian polytheism. It provides overviews of the system, information on theology, ethics, and the afterlife, as well as material on domestic worship, ritual forms, and the basics needed to begin practicing the religion today. This is a book for all who have heard the call of the gods of Greece and Egypt and wondered what to do next.

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Echoes of Alexandria: Poems and Stories
Price: $20.00
Paperback, 264 Pages
Released June 2009
ISBN: 1442190396

This volume of poetry and short stories celebrates my undying love for the incomparable city of dreamers and the immortal gods and famous historical figures who once walked Alexandria’s fabled streets. It offers a unique glimpse into the religious life of a man dedicated to a rich multicultural pantheon drawn from Greece, Egypt, Rome and the Near East. Included are hymns that have been used in actual worship, poetry on a variety of themes, imaginative retellings of ancient stories, and modern myths set down for the first time.

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Gods and Mortals: New Stories of Hellenic Polytheism
Price: $15.99
Paperback, 152 Pages
Released June 2008
ISBN: 1449931294

These are the stories of Hellenismos today. What it feels like to recognize the presence of the gods around you. To discover the mystery of the divine, the power of love, the joy of life, the pangs of grief, the struggle with doubt, the loneliness that comes with belonging to a minority faith. You can read all about ancient Greek religion in hundreds of academic tomes – but none of them will tell you what it’s really like, from the inside. The only way to do that is to hear our stories, in our own words. Stories of gods and mortals.

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If you’re interested in carrying any of the above titles, I can make them available to you at a significantly reduced price. Please direct any inquiries to sannion@gmail.com for additional details.


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