That shit ain’t cool


As a Dionysian I heartily support Sulphur Blue’s stance against making fun of crazy people:

It doesn’t matter if you think someone is “faking” it or not. You do not get to sit back and laugh about even the possibility of someone relapsing, hurting themselves, or even committing suicide. It doesn’t make you edgy or cool or the ‘purity pagan’ police. It makes you an asshole. You don’t get to say ‘oh they’re faking it’ and then when you see evidence to the contrary come up with yet another excuse to invalidate their feelings and their mental well being. When you do it over, and over, and over, and over again, you keep reinforcing the idea among people that people with mental health issues/history don’t need to be taken seriously.

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2 thoughts on “That shit ain’t cool

  1. amen and amen


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    as someone who can be considered “crazy


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