Terence P. Ward has a challenge of his own:

I’m excited that I can get to this conference and also have a little extra to assist, but after seeing Ruadhán McElroy’s donation challenge, I realized I can do more, at least if I can leverage my readers just a teensy bit, and motivate you to help. The deadline for registration is June 1. Until that time, for every dollar Dwolla divination I do, I will donate two dollars to help get a polytheist to this conference.

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One thought on “magic

  1. It seems I’m getting important enough to have my ideas stolen. At first I was giddy, delighted, even. Now I think I have the sense to be a little bit skerred, cos word on the street is that I’m kind of obnoxious and wacky, and if people are copying me, may the gods help us all….


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