Just in case this isn’t obvious …

I’m using art and erotic persuasion to ensorcel you so that you’ll give money to my friends.

Isn’t it odd how there’s these repetitive themes running through the material I’ve reposted over the last couple days? They seem completely random, but if you read them all together at once …

… it starts making you feel funny.

And woozy-headed.

Where am I?

And … and … what’s that thing I was going to do?

It was ever so important, on the tip of my tongue just a moment ago …

Oh yeah – that’s it!

Donate to Julian Betkowski and Rhyd Wildermuth.

That’s what I was going to do.

So they can present at the Polytheist Leadership Conference in July.

Together we can make a difference – that’s how we create community. By everyone submitting to the terrible iron will of Sannion … I … I mean by everyone working together and loving each other! Yes, love. Loooooooooooooove. We can love our way to a better world! Yay!

Don’t hate. Love.

Love. Love.

Love. Love. Love.

Speaking of which … did you know that Eros was invoked in Orphic magic rites?

Did you also know that even though Ruadhán doesn’t have a lot of money himself he has made a pretty fucking cool donation challenge?

And Aine Llewellyn’s Otherfaith community was able to raise enough money for her to attend.

Though, frankly, that’s a modest estimate – I’m sure she and all of the others could use more support.

But look at that! No, over there behind you.

Yeah. That’s you guys making shit happen. Showing that you care. That you want to have serious conversations about the issues facing our communities and find ways to work together and make those communities stronger, stabler and more firmly rooted in pious devotion to the gods.

Yeah. Yeah.

It’s a motherfucking good day to be a polytheist!

All because of the Power of Love.

And Money.

Don’t forget the money.

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15 thoughts on “Just in case this isn’t obvious …

  1. Well, you know, the coin *is* for all (except those who don’t have it, cos they don’t matter).


    • I’ll choose power over money any day of the week.


      • And I’ll choose unadulterated fabulousness over either –but I just may have inhaled too much glitter over the years.


      • Money is power. Has capitalism taught you nothing?


        • If that were true the fate of European Jewry would have turned out differently. After centuries of oppression they were permitted to work only in the fields of finance and industry – and then were hated and reviled for proving successful in that, as they had been in so many other areas. All the gold in the world couldn’t stop the Nazis or Soviets from coming for them. Money is, at most, a means towards an end.


        • It’s taught me that power based on money is ultimately worthless.


          • Amen! I’ll choose a group of jack-booted thugs over a sizable bank account every time. Though being a persuasive talker trumps even that.


            • Indeed. I mean, look at the history of people who fell into positions of power because of money: it’s far more common to see something tragic to that than to see a legacy be born of it. The annual “Forbes 500” list of the most-rich-and-powerful is but a fraction of the 1%, and only a handful will be on that list for even five years. Hell, look at the stock market crash of ’29 –people who’d give beluga caviar to their toy poodle suddenly ended up on the streets, cos wealth is not as powerful as many want to believe it is.

              Jack LaLanne proved that one can maintain physical fitness well into one’s NINETIES, and even after his death, he still inspires people –that’s real power. Diogenes actively chose a life of poverty rather than compromise his philosophy, and over 2,200 years after he died, he still inspires and influences –that, too, is real power.

              Some ancient ruins from the Mediterranean to the Great Zimbabwe to the Middle East marvel people, but most archaeologists are less impressed by the wealthy people who likely funded those projects than they are by the architects and engineers who designed something that could stand for that long and in such relative perfect condition. Hell, no-one talks about the monument to wealth and properity that we know as Stonehenge (though you can bet your bippy it was also that, in its glory day), but about the sheer marvel of design and its apparent religious significance in its golden age.

              Money can buy trinkets, it can create the illusion of power, even create the illusion of Divine Favour, but it cannot create greatness, and it will not preserve your name or even just your legacy for the ages. Sure, you might need money to fund certain projects, especially in this day and age, but if you create something amazing, no-one is going to remember the backers for your film, or the investors in your building, nor even the publishing house that took a chance on you. Real power isn’t the ability to be talked about in the here-and-now, and no-one is going to remember the Kardashians in fifty years, because they’re only ‘famous’ now because they’re rich and knew a guy who was able to put them on television for it –whoop-di-shit. That may look like real power, at least to the naïve, but it’s illusory. The ‘power’ from money alone is fleeting; even political power is no guarantee, cos look right now at how many politicians are barely footnotes. Real power is the legacy of one’s abilities, when one’s work can still inspire, influence, and even change the way one thinks from beyond the grave, that’s power –heroic, even. Money can’t buy that.


              • This is fucking brilliantly said. You should really post it to your blog.

                For me the ideal is Mark Antony. He ate slop on the battlefield and attended banquets that cost two million sesterces; both filled his belly, which is all he cared about. He gave away vast fortunes, simply because it amused him to see how others responded to money. At one point his empire was spread across half the known world – and yet his greatest pleasure came from disguising himself as a bum and drunkenly cavorting on the streets with his girlfriend, picking fights with random strangers and fucking anything that walked on two legs. Yet in the end the thing he craved most wasn’t wealth or power or sexual escapades – but solitude.


  2. Also, I was thinking of Galina when I found this image and decided to put it on buttons: https://www.etsy.com/listing/181690089/good-night-white-pride-anti-nazi-heathen?ref=shop_home_active_20&ga_search_query=pagan

    True story.

    (So now that means she has to commission, like, 200 of them from me, right? :-D You know, doing a custom order for the PLC might not be a bad idea…. I’ve also added that if I sell any wholesale of custom bulk orders with at least one ‘pagan’-taggable design in the order, I’ll add $5 to the donation)


  3. I’m in the process of setting up an Indiegogo thing to make this process easier. Again, I’m riding Rhyd’s coattails. I’ll send you the link when I figure out what perks to offer (leaning toward hand drawn, custom devotional art).


  4. I was wondering if any publications will result from the conference. Perhaps if all papers presented, along with maybe rituals, lauds, and reports of discussions were to be compiled into a book, you could then sell it and help raise funds for people to get to the conference next year. This would also benefit the greater polytheist community who will not be able to attend. I know it’s an easy thing for someone to throw out a suggestion and much harder to implement it, but I hope to be able to aid in these kinds of efforts in the future.


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