For Souchos

I sing of Sobek, the great beast of the Nile,
who lurks beneath the surface,
unseen and swift-swimming,
until he decides to pounce upon his prey
which goes down with a single bite.
He is a potent king amid his terrors,
and there is nothing half as frightening as he upon the earth or beneath it.
His teeth shine in the darkness and his eyes are like torches,
driving off the frightful creatures of the night.
Those whom Sobek guards are kept safe from all harm,
for even the other gods wish to avoid angering the lord of the Faiyum.
His priests share no food with him,
for bloody flesh and living beasts are tossed in the water to howl
as he devours them.
Even when he puts off his crocodile form and dons a mortal disguise
you can still tell that it’s him.
For his eyes are all red,
his skin black as onyx,
when he grins you can see more teeth than any mortal mouth could hold,
and he speaks not with a human tongue but growls deep within his throat,
a sound that you will never forget for the rest of your days.
He dwells in the underworld and challenges the souls traveling West.
He sniffs them out, looking for sin,
and those who reek of it he drags down under the water
to torture until they’ve made amends.
The just man, however, he allows to climb on his back,
and ferries safely across to the other shore,
where Hathor waits in the field of rushes to grant him his well-earned reward.

If you like this piece or the work I’m doing here at the House of Vines please consider donating to Julian Betkowski so that he can attend the Polytheist Leadership Conference in July.

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One thought on “For Souchos

  1. It is pieces like this that often make me wonder if I should branch out again and include Sobek worship in my practice. Paradoxically they usually make me want to throw sanity to the wind and go spear hunting for alligator (since we typically don’t have crocs in this neck of the world). As it is I think I’ll have to wait to see if he calls for worship someday…and the other would get flogged to bits by my wife I think.


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