Happy Liberalia!


I hope everyone is having joyous ithyphallic celebrations on this glorious day!

For me it’s been more subdued and introspective and I’ve largely been focused on the process of unfolding.

One of the things that really stood out for me in the readings for this festival was Dionysos’ power over seeds and growth. What seeds in myself do I want to plant and cultivate today? Who is the person I want to grow into?

This was in many ways a hard, cold winter for me. I haven’t gotten out doors much between the extreme weather and a long bout of illness and I’ve been acutely conscious of the ramifications of that over the last couple days. So one of the things I’ve been doing is teasing out all of the areas where I’m bound up, blocked off and stagnant in my material and spiritual life so that I can get things flowing properly once more.

So, even though I wasn’t feeling well I forced myself to get up and go for a long walk down by the river and through the woods, eventually ending up in the next town over. There was too much traffic (and no sidewalks) so for a large chunk of the walk I wasn’t able to do any altered state stuff since I had to maintain an above average awareness of my surroundings (this place really isn’t friendly towards pedestrians.) While this was disappointing on certain levels since I had really been hoping to connect with the spirits of the land and commune with my own crew of gods and spirits, it also felt good to just get out there in nature and move around in my body once more. Such activity is essential for the health and mental well-being of a Dionysian and so I vowed to do much more of that in the future.

I’ll also be going to the gym later tonight, something I’m going to start doing twice a week in addition to my prowls, since one thing that immersing myself in Orphism has really highlighted is the intersection of the physical and spiritual. I think the illness I’ve been experiencing is very much tied into that and it’s not something that’s going to just get better on its own. I think I’ve got some magical and energy work to do in that regard as well but being more conscious of what I eat and exercising are a good first step in that direction.

Which is why I’ve also decided to make permanent my abstention from Diet Coke. This was something I gave up for Lent as a way of strengthening my will and I haven’t missed it plus I’ve noticed some minor health improvements as a result. I’ll also feel better ethically since I won’t be contributing to the island of plastic in the ocean anymore, something that’s long weighed heavily upon my heart.

I also want to do more to grow the seed of the thiasos of the Starry Bull so I’m going to set aside a night for weekly communal chats. I’m not sure what the best method of executing that would be – Skype, conference calls, AIM or Google chat, etc. so I’m interested in hearing suggestions.

Another idea I had on my walk was for the thiasos to come up with some group prayers. In addition to prayers by individual authors I’d like to do a series similar to the hymn of the kōmastaí for each of the gods and spirits of our pantheon, where people can contribute a section and once it’s stitched together we’ll have a collaboratively created liturgy that we can all use in our daily devotions. We’ll begin working on this later in the week.

I’ve got a bunch of other ideas simmering but that’s enough for now. I’ll leave you with this thought:

What seeds would you like to sow in your life today?

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2 thoughts on “Happy Liberalia!

  1. Of course with an ithyphallic festival such as this one, your own practice of it would involve the word “unfolding,” Your Phallic Awesomeness! ;)

    (Sorry–just had to say it, as we all know it’s true.)


  2. I would like to sow seeds of infinite possibility, particularly the possibility of happiness.


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