Ou phrontìs Hippokleídēi


Tune in at 10:00pm EST on Wednesday, March 19th when our guests on Wyrd Ways Radio will be Monte and Gypsy Plaisance who are the senior instructors and Hierophant and Hierophantissa of Thessaly Temenos, a Hellenic Religious center and  Academy that includes networking, publishing, education, spiritual  counseling and ritual therapy.

For more than twenty  years, Monte and Gypsy have served as elders, clergy, religious freedom activists, and public media spokespersons for the Hellenic  religion and related forms of contemporary Paganism and alternative  religions nationwide.  They have appeared on both local and  international news channels as well as numerous magazines and  newspapers across the country.  They have both received awards from  the American Civil Liberties Union for their labors in civil rights activism.

In addition to their  work as Hellenic clergy and instructors, Monte holds a B.A. in Psychology and is in his second year of college for Environmental  Science.  Gypsy is a certified medic and holds other degrees in the medical field.

Together their  professional life includes being owners and operators of Lucky 13 Curio, an occult and mystical shop, guest speakers at book stores,  festivals, and other venues, as well as being published authors. Their written accomplishments include the books Reclaim the Power  of the Witch, Scrolls of Manetho, Oracle of Olympus, A Treasury of Hellenic Prayers, and A New Traveler on an  Ancient Path.  In addition, their writings have been published in a variety of books and periodicals as well as on the internet.

More  information about Monte and Jamie Plaisance and their work at Thessaly Temenos can be found online at: https://www.facebook.com/Lucky13Curio

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One thought on “Ou phrontìs Hippokleídēi

  1. I hope I can make it!

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