How traditions evolve within the thiasos of the Starry Bull

A week or so ago I was watching some videos of Sadhus and noticed that they wore these cool threaded bracelets but didn’t think much about it beyond that. Then a couple days later while discussing magical crafts with Theoinophilus (author of the simple desate rite) he remarked:

Also, interestingly, I was instructed on making holy threads to wear during prayer which reminded me a lot of the kalava worn by pious Hindus on their wrists during prayer, that seemed to me to relate to the Dionysos and Ariadne narrative.

I told him that was a neat idea and he should pursue it, perhaps using the orphninos or red, black and white color scheme that’s present in Thracian and Orphic stuff and left it at that, though I was amused by the synchronicity.

Then the following morning out of the blue I received an e-mail from justme0486 asking:

Does a green string bracelet mean anything to you? I know this is random, however I just got a flash of a green string bracelet when I was thinking of the worry stone. I got the feeling I should tell you in case it means anything to you. It was a bright green string and I saw you making the bracelets. I didn’t get any more than that.

So of course I brought it up with Theoinophilus and he replied:

“Look at the shoot of the vine that is sprouting.”

These are the words that just popped in my head.

We talked about white, red, and black strings. What if the green thread is that of the Νεόφυτο – or akousmatikoi?

And I said:

Man, that is a fucking brilliant idea! Especially since blessings and protections could be woven into the bracelets during their manufacture, different ones depending on whether it’s for an akousmatikos (green) or boukolos (red-black-white).

Theoinophilus suggested I should make them for the group, but I have poor hand-eye coordination and a pathetically short attention span so I decided to find someone more suitably skilled in this regard.

Impressed by the work that Mad Gastronomer has been doing in honor of the Weaving Ones within our tradition I contacted her about being the official Klodone or thread-spinner of the thiasos of the Starry Bull and she accepted.

The akousmatikos bracelets will be made by hand out of hemp since it’s a fibrous plant similar to the vine, there is a prohibition on wool in various strains of Pythagoreanism, Orphism and certain Bacchic cults, as a way to honor the καπνοβαται and because this plant is a daughter of Dionysos. As they are being woven she will ensorcel them with blessings and protections through the chanting of mystic verse and then they will be dyed green to symbolize the freshness and vitality of this stage of one’s involvement with the thiasos. These bracelets will be sold for $10 plus $5 shipping and handling with all of the proceeds after manufacture and distribution going to support one of our own artisans.  You don’t have to have one to consider yourself an akousmatikos but it’s certainly a nice expression of status – plus they’re magic!

I also intend to have her make several orphninos bracelets, but these will only be handed out by me to individuals who have been trained to my satisfaction and confirmed as a boukolos within the thiasos of the Starry Bull.

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6 thoughts on “How traditions evolve within the thiasos of the Starry Bull

  1. Reblogged this on justme0486 and commented:
    I am so honoured and blessed to have been of service. Things like this confirm to me that I am on the right path.

  2. This sounds so right. I’m not nearly as talented as Mad Gastronomer, but I -can- do some yarnwork (knitting and embroidery are my specialties but I can pick up just about any needle or yarncraft quickly). Let me know if you’d ever like me to help out.

  3. If she is spinning hemp (which is a PIA), dyeing them, and weaving them, $10 each is way undervaluing the work invoved.

    • I agree – but then I talked her up from the original $5 she wanted to charge. I, personally, wouldn’t have a problem paying something like $15-20 for items like that.

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