The core pantheon of the thiasos of the Starry Bull

The Heroines

- Arachne
– Semele
– Erigone
– Diktynna
– Charilla
– Dirke
– Ino
– The Oinotrophoi
– Medea
– Eurydike
– Olympias
– Paculla Annia
– Kleopatra
– All the Bakchai

The Nymphai
The Satyrs
The Heroes

- Orpheus
– Mousaios
– Melampos
– Ikarios
– Akoites
– Prosymnos
– Achilles
– Orestes
– Pentheus
– Empedokles
– Euthymos
– Alexander the Great
– Ptolemy Philadelphos
– Ptolemy Philopator
– Ptolemy Auletes
– Julius Caesar
– Marcus Antonius
– John the Baptist
– Saint Paul
– King Herla
– Friedrich Nietzsche
– Jim Morrison
– All the Bakchoi

The Dionysian Dead

- The Martyrs
– The Theophoroi
– The Mystai
– The Prophets
– The Artists
– The Hunters
– The Strangers who have been received

The Court of the Underworld
The Ancestral Spirits
The Furies
All of our Orphic and Bacchic predecessors
The Dead in general

And as I’ve mentioned, there are a host of other Gods and Spirits who are more loosely associated with our teletai, but are nevertheless important and worthy of cultus.

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6 thoughts on “The core pantheon of the thiasos of the Starry Bull

  1. Antinous (a Neos Iakkhos), Hadrian (a Neos Dionysos) and Polydeukion (who has an inscription surviving to Dionysos)? ;)


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