Oh, I’m excited!


One of the reasons that I drew up a detailed list of the core pantheon is that I want to adapt this divination system that I recently stumbled upon again. (I used a version of it back in my old Greco-Egyptian days.)

Method of 29 letters for receiving an omen, PGM XXIVa.1-25:
“Great is the Lady Isis!” Copy of a holy book found in the Archives of Hermes: The method is that concerning the 29 letters [of the Coptic alphabet], through which letters Hermes and Isis, who was seeking Osiris, her brother and husband, found him. Call upon Helios and all the gods in the Deep concerning those things for which you want to receive an omen. Take 29 leaves of a male date palm and write on each of the eaves the names of the gods. Pray and then pick them up two by two. Read the last remaining leaf and you will find your omen, how things are, and you will be answered clearly.

Taking out the redundant “Dionysian dead” the list I came up with numbers 59, meaning that the same divinatory mechanics should apply. I see all sorts of diagnostic applications for this, particularly with regard to poinê and sacrifices.

I’m also considering doing a version with all of the divinities mentioned in the various Orphic cosmogonies, which would have a wider application but could end up being too wide.

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2 thoughts on “Oh, I’m excited!

  1. Michael Sebastian Lùx

    This could easily be applied to various leaves – I’d likely opt for bay as it’s most convenient. What one could do in the context of the alphabet is use the Greek + digamma.


    • Yeah, I’m either going to go with laurel or cut out the leaves in ivy shape like a lot of the gold lamellae were. May even do them in gold foil if I can find some durable enough for that.


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