This is how we build community.


Some of you may have wondered if I’d changed my mind about accepting favors in lieu of payment for my spiritual and other services since I didn’t post any options during February. That’s not the case; I’ve just been working on some things behind the scenes and wasn’t ready to discuss them publicly.

Now I am.

I want to get as many people as possible to the Polytheist Leadership Conference. Specifically I want to get some of the up and coming voices in the community to attend since they have unique perspectives and a lot of other valuable things to contribute. But as I said a couple days ago:

There are a lot of smart, idealistic, and devoted folks who would love to come to this event and could make a real difference through their presence but are in danger of not being able to because they lack the financial means – often because of the work they’re doing for their gods and community. One person alone may not be able to afford this [...] but four or five people, each contributing a modest sum could manage it.

I’d like to test that theory out.

So I’m starting up a fund-raiser here at The House of Vines and the first recipient of the community’s generosity will be Julian Betkowski who blogs at Eros is Eros is Eros, appeared on a recent episode of Wyrd Ways Radio and is someone I would really like to get as a speaker for the conference.

I am encouraging anyone who feels so moved to send donations directly to him through Paypal at and I will also be offering my various services as an incentive. These services include:

* Proficiency in multiple forms of divination, and acquiring new systems all the time.
* Omen and dream interpretation.
* Ritual advisement.
* Festival planning and leading.
* Petitions to the gods and underworld powers.
* Purifications.
* The hunting of information in various worlds.
* The writing of:

- poetry
– hymns and prayers
– rituals
– essays
– short stories

And I am quite good at swaying mass opinion through controversy, propaganda and subliminal messages.

How much you donate – and whether you donate at all – is up to you, as I am a strong believer in the honor system. Likewise I’m not handling any of the money; you’ll be sending it all to his Paypal account. Once he’s received a sufficient amount to cover his needs we’ll move on and see if we can enable others to attend as well.

This is how we build community.

So what do you say, help a brother out? Especially a brother as handsome as this:


That bowtie alone is worth a couple bucks!

[Leaving the comments open for discussion]

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11 thoughts on “This is how we build community.

  1. I have an orange seersucker bowtie and a Carolina blue gingham bowtie.


  2. In the immortal words of one Captain Hook: Good form. The world needs more ideas and plans like this.


  3. Duffi



  4. Reblogged this on Kvasir Amongst the Gods and commented:
    While I am interested in the Polytheist Leadership Conference, I’ll most likely not be attending…baring the will of the Gods; money is part of it, but I’ve also got other circumstances that complicate things. Still, I approve of anything that attempts to move us, collectively and separately, in a positive direction.

    Good luck, Mr. Betkowski! With any luck I can boost the signal for you and get you a couple more bucks!


  5. Reblogged this on justme0486 and commented:
    Please help if you can even if it’s just reblogging this, I personally really feel this event is important and Yes, dear reader I have sent $10.00 myself. I say that so you know that I wouldn’t ask you to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. Thanks and may the Gods Bless all who help.


  6. Not gonna lie, I really really wanted to make it this year. Finances, however, are *exactly* what keep me from going. Not gonna beat around the bush about it. Unless someone drops plane fair and a hotel room on my front door, it ain’t happenin. :/


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