Every day.


I’m pleased that there was such strong interest in the whole Bacchic Orphic thiasos of the Starry Bull idea – so let’s move on to step two: making this happen.

I have come up with a schedule of devotions which all members are expected to adhere to. How large or small your expression of devotion is I leave up to you to decide, but you must at least do something for each of them on their day.

Monday – Persephone
Tuesday – Ariadne and Aphrodite
Wednesday – Hermes and Hekate
Thursday – The Heroes
Friday – The Heroines
Saturday – Nymphs and Satyrs
Sunday – Dionysos

Each one of us, in our diverse locations, performing synchronized acts of piety – think how cool it’ll be to be part of that!

Now, I know that’s a fairly steep requirement.

Every day.

It’s okay. No one will think any less of you if you back out now.

So … who’s still game?

[I will permit comments to remain open for discussion.]

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16 thoughts on “Every day.

  1. Challenging! I am in. I have been meaning to get closer to Hermes and Persephone and this should be a good start. Oddly, sometime between midnight and reading your email on this Thursday morning, I was getting lost in an essay I found about Jim Morrison’s poetry… so maybe I’m already on the wavelength? Although devotionally speaking, I might need some help with the Heroes and Heroines as that’s new territory for me. I’m going to tape this schedule on my mirror and start brainstorming…


  2. I think I’m not going to join, as I’m not much of a joiner, but I have a tidbit of advice for anyone who hasn’t done this sort of devotional schedule before, with one day of the week dedicated to each of a set of figures, and then repeats every week. Design one set of ritual words and/or actions that references the entire set, and then a small part of it that changes every day, according to who you’re dedicating the day to. I have a spinning prayer that I go through for Purple Thread, and then I light a stick of incense for the one whose day it is, and say a few lines that I speak for her specifically. It’s a good way to establish this kind of practice, because it’s easier to remember one pattern than it is seven.

    Just for anybody looking to get a handle on the devotional aspect.

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  3. Can you explain a little more about the Heroes and Heroines? I have a general idea but I feel like I’m off track. Thanks!


  4. I think I will have to back out for now and think about ways of including such a schedule into my daily life and already exisitng devotional routine without letting the new acts of devotion loose quality just because I add to their quantity and “they must be done somehow” …


  5. Is there any resoning behind the chosen Days for each one?


  6. ‘Eh. I’ve already rigged up devotions to days of the week to Chthonic gods. Ariadne isn’t included, although I could easily add her in on Mondays, when I honor Persephone.

    So, I guess my answer is “sort’ve.” I like your set-up… Certainly more Orphic than my own. But, damn it, I already took the time to establish my goddamn patterns. Now I need to re-think where to do certain things to also honor the Orphic daimons.


  7. ibgreenie3

    I like the days picked for the Deities. I’m all in.


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  9. I’m actually completely okay with this–I do daily devotions as-is and adding new parts won’t be difficult. Only reason I haven’t jumped on it so far is that I’m still getting over a stomach bug from earlier in the week. I don’t feel cleared enough of miasma yet to go back to my normal prayers, but when I do, I’ll be adding these in.


  10. Oh whatever… I am in… I owe half of the proposed pantheon cultus anyway and the rest seems compatible with “my set” of spirits… I will be contacting you privatly to settle a couple of questions


  11. I’ve decided I’m in. I’ve wanted to establish a daily devotion for some time now, and your explanations of the reasoning/purposes behind this thiasos has helped, but I’ve long had a Stoic streak that requires me to examine everything before jumping in.


  12. Teresa

    I would like to join in too. I’ve only been working with Dionysos for less than a year and would love to learn more!


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