Oh yeaahh!


WordPress says that this is my 3,000th post so I figured I ought to make it an auspicious one.

Here’s my latest project – a collection of sources on the Bacchic Orphic tradition:


I’ll be fleshing it out over the next couple weeks, but the core of the material is there.

To give expression to this tradition I am founding a cult called the thiasos of the Starry Bull. Who wants to join?

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9 thoughts on “Oh yeaahh!

  1. Holy Cosmic Cow, what a resource. Nice job!


  2. The site is fantastic! I can’t wait to explore it further.

    I think you already know I’d jump into such a cult in a heartbeat!


  3. M.A. Rivera

    First things first, gratz on the 3000th post! You, sir, have been very prolific. I don’t know much about Bacchics or Orphics but it’s pretty cool nonetheless. More stuff to feed my brain. (While on the topic I’ve been wanting to ask you for a long time but what books would you recommend for folks interested in, you know, the Orphics and their various strains?) Also, I’d join your cult but I probably wouldn’t be terribly useful, so yea. Blessings.


  4. ibgreenie3

    What a fountain of overflowing knowledge! I am happy to drink from another source.
    I would join this cult of the Starry Bull.


  5. Petros

    “Oh yeaah!” That paired with the picture cracked me up. Then, when you toss cult into it? Woohoo!
    The new site is a great resource. Thank you!


  6. *Sign me up, before you go-go *


  7. This sounds really interesting, and fills me full of curious questions! Here’s my first one, if you don’t mind: I seem to remember (but am lacking the time to dig up a link before work) that you weren’t interested in taking on a leadership role again, as you mentioned you’d been discouraged by it before. Founding a cult seems to necessitate that you lead it. What changed your mind?


    • A lot of the frustrations I’ve run into in the past have been because I’ve tried to be accommodating, inclusive and democratic. I won’t be making that mistake this time around. Prospects of success may be no better with this approach, but I suspect I’ll have a hell of a lot more fun. :D


  8. sisterkrissy

    *raises hand*


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