Have I got a deal for you!


As I’ve mentioned before I have very ambitious plans. In order to accomplish those plans I am going to require power and influence.

So as of January 1st there will be a slight policy modification here at The House of Vines.

I will no longer be accepting money in exchange for my services as an Orpheoteleste.

Services including:

* Proficiency in multiple forms of divination, and acquiring new systems all the time.
* Omen and dream interpretation.
* Ritual advisement.
* Festival planning and leading.
* Petitions to the gods and underworld powers.
* Purifications.
* The hunting of information in various worlds.
* The writing of:

- poetry
- hymns and prayers
- rituals
- essays
- short stories

And I am quite good at swaying mass opinion through controversy, propaganda and subliminal messages.

I will still require payment  - just not in the coin of the realm. Render unto Caesar and all that.

Instead I will be offering them on a point system.

Each point is a favor that you will do for me in return for what I have done for you. To alleviate the entirely valid concerns you might have I promise ahead of time that none of these favors will result in criminal action. They may be outside of your comfort zone, however; I confess to having a thing for pushing boundaries, in case you haven’t noticed.

Alternately a favor point may be converted into three hours of community service. Each month I will provide a list of five causes that I am supporting and which you, in turn, will be supporting through the donation of your time and effort, should you so choose. Of course the danger of this option is that it relies entirely on your honor – but since this kind of service can result in some pretty cool experiences I figure you’re really only cheating yourself if you lie about it.

Most of the services I offer will range from one to three favor points. I may go higher if I deem your request warrants it.


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13 thoughts on “Have I got a deal for you!

  1. Alex

    Money creates power and influence. Ask the Rockefellers and Rothchilds.

    But I digress. So, you will not need money for the Dionysos classes in January, and if so, what will you require instead?

    • It can create those things, absolutely. But in my experience pagans and polytheists tend not to have a lot of disposable income. In order to pay for my services they often have to do without some other necessity and that leaves me feeling uncomfortable. Especially since they have things to offer that are far more valuable to me personally. If I was in it for the money I’d be peddling some pseudo Native American shit to bored housewives, not Bacchic Orphism.

      And just to clarify, this has to do with the services I provide (i.e. divination or writing) not the products (books, classes, stuff I make to sell.) However, I think we could come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. Assuming a value of one hour per week of class … that comes out roughly to 4 favors.

  2. I really, really like this idea. I like it, and wish to engage with it.

    But it’s probably a bad idea to request services just because the risk-taker in me likes the idea of being presented with a boundary-pushing challenge.

  3. So… Until 1 January, people should give you all the money they can, then?

  4. That’s a good point, Ruadhan. <-(I'm sorry I don't know how to make the accent mark on my iPhone keypad.)

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some stones? Rocks? To get to

  5. I find this a lot more intriguing than a straight cash payment. Like “coin of the realm”, participation would have stayed only in the monetary realm. But actions and/or service in the community…that does open whole worlds of possibilities.

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  7. Dee Daley

    thats a great idea….
    hi am Dee new here…kinda passing a lot of time reading learning new things…. i mean every day i learn new things am like a little kid excited an want more….this is like candy to me i wish i could absorb information from books by just putting my hands on them….
    a little about me
    am 44 but thanks to the gods i look like in in my early 30′s …was race as a Adventist …yes lol….but the later in my early 20′s i was introduce to full gospel which open my mind to spiritual things…bear with me ….dont get all tight on me yet….this was part of my past which introduce me to my present….every step brought me here…i discover myself ….
    My mind is open as the sky….
    Now i find my self with very few friends and thas ok i love my new me…am free….its like a big weight when of my body and i dont really care what my friends and family think….
    The only think i regret if that i wasted 43 years believing in a non sense christianity shit….now i do my Will….I even shave side of my hair has a sing of rebellion against christianity…people that now me say am a complete different person….yeah indeed…Deikel is dead and now lives Dee…..
    gonna chat some more later
    preparing dinner


  8. I will be watching this system with great interest. I am not in a place where I can offer my services for anything other than physical barter/money, mostly because I live on a very small fixed income and 90% of the money I make via spiritual services I use to further my own spiritual goals, like donating to charity or taking classes or buying supplies. I do offer services pro-bono, mostly to established clients, students, and friends, but also to strangers when they can truly show a need – not just financial need, but also spiritual need for the service they are requesting.

    I do, however, like this idea a lot and will love to read updates on how it works out, especially attrition rates (people who actually follow through with requested favors and service).

    Good luck!

    • It’s definitely not for everyone, nor should it be. But so far it’s proven a really interesting and richly rewarding experiment. I’ll definitely be posting more about it as this goes forth.

  9. Narkaios Alepou

    #5. Using chalk write an enigmatic quote or verse or personal message about Dionysos for passersby to find.

    I have in fact been posting little stickers and auto-adhesive notes on the wine-section in supermarkets and pretty much on any seat in the subway or ticket-machine on our main railway station. The looks on the faces of those who take the time to skim over the very short “Dionysos, god of is on his way to you, IO EVOHE” is worth been called out by the supposed “Authorities” on every thirtieth sticker… It is a very rewarding activity… :)

    • i love that idea….sometimes you can find stores with little poster or announcement boards am thinking laundry laundromat, or convenience store they usually carry a little board for the community to post anything…..

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