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At the base of Olympus is the city of Dium, near which lies the village of Pimpleia. Here lived Orpheus, the Ciconian, it is said — a wizard who at first collected money from his music, together with his soothsaying and his celebration of the orgies connected with the mystic initiatory rites, but soon afterwards thought himself worthy of still greater things and procured for himself a throng of followers and power. Some, of course, received him willingly, but others, since they suspected a plot and violence, combined against him and killed him. And near here, also, is Leibethra. (Strabo, Geography 7.7)

Watching this video again I noticed something interesting. Around the 1:12 mark Jim starts holding the mic differently than he has been – and in a manner that should be familiar to you if you read my Thracian Adversary’s blog.

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3 thoughts on “Follow me down

  1. “Thracian Adversary”?!?

    But there are so many other good terms to use–”Thracian Haberdasher,” “Thracian Metempsychologist,” “Thracian Knife-Monger”…why that term?


  2. And speaking of the Sabazios gesture for holding microphones: that’s actually one reason that I have been watching The Voice as loyally as I have, because they have a gigantic statue of exactly that!

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