If I gave out Christmas cards

I would give out this one with jolly old Saint Nick on it:


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3 thoughts on “If I gave out Christmas cards

  1. So this one time my wife was walking with our kids (ages 7, 5 and 2) to take the older ones to school, and some shitty neighbor atheist boys were walking with them. And the shitty neighbor atheist boys and my son (the older one, age 7), got into an argument about the existence of Santa Claus. The shitty neighbor atheist boys demanded evidence. My son said “Where do you think the presents come from, duh!”

    Then my wife told the shitty neighbor atheist boys the true story of Santa Claus and how he knocked Arius out for perpetuating heresy. This story apparently confused the shitty neighbor atheist boys, because they dropped the issue.

  2. Petros

    This gave me a pleasant wake up chuckle as did Kullervo’s “Boom!”

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