Belief is the substance out of which miracles are made.


Do you know what makes this such a potent magical charm?


You see, in story one these pharmakoi or magical charms were created by a priest of the Bacchic Orphic mystery tradition who conceived the idea while in an entheogenic trance. Set to soak in a bath of wine that had been blessed and consecrated in the ancient manner and then left there for a week while numerous sacred rituals were performed around them so that the stones could absorb all of that spiritual potency. Then they were inscribed with lines from the first epic of the Greek people, hallowed by centuries of use in magical ceremonies. The stones were then wrapped in a woolen thread given to the priest by the Mistress of the Labyrinth after he had returned from a world-walking trance. And the stones themselves are thrice-holy since they were brought up from the bed of the icy Willamette river by a noble-hearted fool on a daring quest.

In story two this guy got completely shit-faced and thought it would be funny to sell people on the internet some rocks for $25 a pop. So he gave one of the meth addicts in his apartment complex a couple bucks to dig them out of the river since it had just snowed and he’s lazy. (The fact that the Willamette is a notorious drowning river had nothing to do with this offer. Nothing at all.) He then scribbled some cool-sounding words on the rocks and wrapped them up in some old yarn he had lying about which he’d found sitting in front of his apartment after returning from a night of drunken, hallucinatory rambles through the city. To top it off he decides to call them the stones (snicker, snicker) of Dionysos Enorchês, an epithet meaning he who has his testicles (snicker, snicker).

So, which is it: a rock or a stone?

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7 thoughts on “Belief is the substance out of which miracles are made.

  1. This makes me laugh!!

    But seriously, make sure mine’s a rock.

  2. Dammit, Sannion, I believed in this.

    When you put it that way, it sounds all silly and …I dunno.

    I wanted rocks that have been turned into stones, mind you. Now I’m not so sure. *side eyes you*

    It’s the only way. Any other way would be Doing It Wrong, don’tcha know.

    *runs away*

  3. But, as a good child of Hermes, dear Sannion, I must ask: is it really a question of pistis, or more one of hermeneusis? ;)

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