Why do I care?

Why am I pushing this drag thing for Ruadhán so hard?

Because I think it takes massive amounts of courage to do this:


In a world where this is still going on:


I’d say give to that cause, but honestly five, twenty, even fifty bucks isn’t going to make one bit of difference there. It will make a world of difference to one man though, enabling him to do his art and through that art to bring beauty and truth into the world. And that man is one of our own.

Everyone says they want community and grand events like Etin Moot.

This, right here, is how you start building that kind of community.

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4 thoughts on “Why do I care?

  1. Yay! Two more donations! Now if only you wer interviewing me tomorrow rather than in October. ;-)


    • That is so cool! I hope even more comes pouring in! Ginestho!

      And not to knock the guest we had on because he was really neat and really knowledgeable – but I totally would have preferred to have you on.


      • I dunno, there’s four days left of the campaign, and the month is almost a third over, I still haven’t paid last month’s Etsy bill, and so I’m sure I’ll be forgiven if I’m getting pessimistic.

        I found last night’s guest pretty interesting.


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