To Hermes who wanders through many lands

Hail Hermes who wanders through many lands ever in search of knowledge
and the power to ensure his place in the gleaming halls of Mount Olympos.
Indispensable agent of Zeus on earth, who executes the will of his father
with swiftness and cunning, he who can slip into any house undetected,
talk his way past any sentry, turn a hated enemy into a bosom companion
who would lay down his life in defense of his new-won friend
with just a few well-chosen words and disarming laughter.
Yours is the wisdom of the heavens and the vast deep,
yours the power to weave probability into being,
to manipulate chance so things always come out as you please,
you are the one who can find whatever has been lost
and the secret stores of wealth.
And you are generous to those who are clever and daring,
willing to risk it all to improve their lot in life.
You know the shame of poverty and obscurity
and the ruthlessness it takes to claim what rightfully belongs to you.
Hermes I pray, aid me in my endeavors so that I may be in a better position
to honor you properly, and I will not forget — a boon begets a boon.

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