Divine savagery

This conversation is proving quite interesting, so I’m going to keep an updated list of it here.

* Agony and Ecstasy by Joan Defers
* Dionysos with a soldier’s haircut and helmet by Dionysian~Light
* His Thorns are better than Roses and Basil by ginandjack
* I love Her BECAUSE of her broken heart by Melitta Benu
* Mars in Aries by Jack Faust
* Romanticism of Paganism: Diluted Wrath, Truncated Emotion by thelettuceman
* Savage and most beautiful by Jack Faust
* Savage Gods by Galina Krasskova
* Setting free the gods by Soliwo
* Violence In the Heart of Ecstacy by Satyr Magos
* A visual representation of Lord Dionysos in all of his power and glory by Dionysian~Light
* What you know by Dver

If anyone’s aware of any other entries on this topic, please let me know.

I so can’t wait to see the folks at Patheos chime in on this. (That was sarcasm, in case you couldn’t tell.)

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6 thoughts on “Divine savagery

  1. Is that a dare? Because if it is, I’ll take you up on it!

    (I don’t have any more burning topics to cover at my Patheos.com pagan channel column at present, and this sort of thing seems as good as any…!?!)


    • Oh goodie! Yes, please, do take it up! I so can’t wait to see the virus spread over there. :D

      (And you, by the way, are one of the few folks at Patheos that I deeply respect, admire and agree with. Actually I can count those people on one hand, with fingers left over.)


    • I personally would love to read your thoughts on the topic at hand Dr.!


  2. Do it, Philipus! Triple dog dare with honey cake for Cerberus!


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