Dreamdance Oracle

Valiel brought this amazing piece of art to my attention. Wow.

DESPAIR by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

It hurts here. No escape. Darkness has stolen all the colors. Stone, oak and iron seal the Dancer in the shadows with herself. The ground is broken, sharp, and filled with hazards. Even skin feels like torture when bones scream and tears howl for release.

Really? Is that all you see? Is this landscape of self-imposed exile the tomb you make it out to be? Or are there avenues to escape close at hand – the half-open doors, the growing lives, the ability to dance even when you feel like bleeding? It’s understandable that Despair looks like a dead-end trap. So long as you’re alive, however, paths beyond this trap exist

Hail Διόνυσος θυρεπανοίκτης! Harlequin-masked! Bakcheios that leads to Lusios! Petempamenti!

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6 thoughts on “Dreamdance Oracle

  1. seastruckbythecrossroads

    Did you see ‘The Stranger’ from the same oracle?


    Even the accompanying comment was very Dionysian:
    “From the mist comes the Stranger, inviting you to dance. Is he a lover? Is she a killer? Are they both? Whatever happens, you will never be the same once you’ve joined this Partner’s Dance.

    The Stranger marks an end to certainty. Capering to strange music, it spins polarities in unpredictable ways. Solid stone cracks. Flowers bloom. Earth erodes to sand which flows beneath a Dancer’s feet. There is pleasure and danger and instability within the Stranger’s Dance. And yet, if you don’t join it, you’ll always wonder what might have happened if you had.”


    • That’s weird. When I click on the above link in Gmail it brings me to The Trickster but here at the blog it’s The Stranger that comes up. Both are extremely Dionysian — I already had The Stranger in his devotional art folder along with Despair and now will be adding the other as well.


  2. ladyimbrium

    First, as you well know by now, I adore Bowie. I also adore the Labyrinth. I’m bookmarking this post so I can find it whenever I need to remind myself of all the layers of reality and the terrible beauty in each. David Bowie is the Goblin King, now and forever.


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