My whole cosmology is contained in this video

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5 thoughts on “My whole cosmology is contained in this video

  1. No one has yet done that for me in one video, but here are five that come close. And one that borrows images from other videos to come pretty close, too.


    • Those are really cool – some I’d seen before but a couple were totally new.

      Have you heard Du riechst so gut by Rammstein? I think you’d like it, at least the visuals if not the song.


      • I had, oddly, neither heard that song nor seen the video before. Thanks! It’s full of alchemical-like symbolism, isn’t it? Red, black, and white, union of opposites, and such. Plus some unique imagery involving wolves, which is never a bad thing.


  2. Hahaha! Too many links in the other comment, so it went to moderation queue.

    I also wanted to mention that this has some bearing on my personal cosmology.


  3. Mine too.


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