In Orci culum incidas

I am enraged and have not the words to express myself. So I will merely quote M. Horatius Piscinus:

It is therefore especially sad to learn that the Temple of Jupiter Perennus that is being built for our community in Poltava, Ukraine, was attacked last Monday night by a group of Orthodox Christians. Our chief priest of Jupiter, the Flamen Dialis Marcus Corvus was injured while defending the altar of Jupiter and has been hospitalized. This comes after news that another Christian band attacked a Romuva sanctuary in Lithuania. Even here in Ohio, some years ago, Christians attacked a sanctuary that was erected by a CUUPS group on the grounds of a Unitarian church in Fairlawn, a suburb of Akron. While sad to hear such events continue today, it is no shock to learn of them. Not when ministers like John Hagey preach that “Tolerance is a sin,” when Pat Robertson, among others, blamed the 9/11 attacks on pagans, or when Rev. Billingsly, the former minister of the Akron Baptist Temple, once preached from the pulpit to his congregation that they ought to burn pagans at the stake. Such is the face of the “New Christianity” that we are met with each day, and now it has touched my friend Corvus and his family.

Even worse, Piscinus is facing serious health problems himself and will be going in for surgery this coming Monday.

May the gods watch over and bless both this man and his people, especially those willing to fight on behalf of their temples.

UPDATE: I just found this post which includes pictures of the desecrated temple. Truly disgusting.
UPDATE II: This is not an isolated incident. Kenaz Filan has compiled information on other religiously motivated crimes in the Ukraine.

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28 thoughts on “In Orci culum incidas

  1. This angers me beyond measure. I’m not going to type more here for fear I would degenerate into cursing (and a curse be on those Christians who attacked the temple). Instead, I’m going to post this far and wide. Thank you for letting us know about this, Sannion.

  2. I know that there’s a big clash over in the area formerly known as the USSR between Christians and those who are involved in legitimate religion. It is always sad to hear of another open battle. We will eventually prevail, of course. There’s no way to keep the resurgence of polytheism from overcoming the forces that want to put us back in the bottle.

    I was not aware of the events in Ohio, however, and wish that there were some way to learn more about what happened there.

  3. This is disgusting beyond measure. Thank you for raising the signal on this, Sannion. May they all pay for their crimes.

  4. Sky-Father, Thunder-Roarer, Lord of Lightning, may your vengeance fall upon those who have defiled your holy place. May their blaspheming mouths be filled with poison; may the rot which has consumed them in spirit flow through their veins and their sinews; may they shoulder the stone alongside Sisyphus and slake their thirst in the pool of Tantalos. May all who hear their fate shudder and may they live eternally in legend as a warning and a testament of your power.

    I make these words as an offering to you, oh Jupiter. May the Fates hear them and weave them into Their tapestry.

    • F

      The heaping of blessings upon your extremely talented and well thought out offering to the Lord of Olympus!

      I lay my own offering beside yours:

      Oh Well-Meaning Ones, I call upon you to witness and chastise this affront to the natural order of things, and beg this boon of you: When the Fates snip their threads, may these ungodly vandals make their way to the banks of the river Styx with no help from Hermes Psychogogos, only to find that their families have neglected to gift them the pittance for the ferryman. May they wander, forgotten and forlorn along that unlit place, nipped at by the progeny of Cerberus. May their names be erased and forgotten, so they wither and fade, nameless and full of only the memories of what they have done. When the time comes for Charon to take those numberless forgotten dead across that dread river to face the judgement of Aiakos, may they find that august judge turning his face away from them. May they find the Host of Many as implacable and unfeeling as they were in life, barring the doors of his Hall against them and leaving them to flit about, denied even a comforting drink from the river Lethe, becoming nothing more than the nuisance of easily smashed flies.

  5. MY blood boils at these crimes. However, taking unlawful actions or making spectacles of ourselves won’t make matters better – but it will prove our enemies right. We need to measure our responses, do things within the law, and meet hatred with mercy – thus proving our enemies to be wrong.

    • …What exactly about asking our Gods to wreak vengeance at these desecration woulds ‘prove our enemies right’? Why should I meet their hatred and death threats with mercy? Why should those in the Ukraine take this as anything other than harassment, terrorism, and a threat on their lives? What of those in Akron, OH?

  6. This is fucking disgusting. May the jaws of Hades swallow them whole!

  7. Glenn

    In Raritan, New Jersey, near where I live, these peaceful Christians recently desecrated a Hindu temple because they had painted the columns of their converted Christian church orange. Look around you, the world is full of hatred, greed, injustice, and prejudice. This is the world that these monotheists have created. This is their legacy !

    Glenn Bergen

    An Independent Asatru

    • SonavFenris

      I could´nt agree more! As a fellow Ásatruár I could just ask WHAT have the monotheists ever given humanity or the world? well plenty the dark ages for example wich we are still recovering from(lost knowledge still being re-discovered) intollerance and mass genocide(native american civilizations like the azteks and inca´s)!
      I´ll add ecological damage as another crime to your list up there!

  8. Michael Strojan

    This is horrible beyond reason. If this is what the “love of the Lord” looks like in the Ukraine then I call upon the unknowable, unbegotten, ineffable Lord of the Universe to strike them with a Holy Fire as much that they be moved to a strong repentance, that their bones quake, their mouths dry up and parch, and their eyes roll back upturned to witness the extent of their criminality.

  9. miguel

    I can’t believe that christians are doing this again…. they feel threaten by the fact that pagans are being able to practice in the light again, so they want to rush us into secrecy and into the dark, like if we need to be scared of our faith. all they are is bullies.

  10. At first I was skeptical; as Piscinus is not widely trusted within the Res Publica and is indeed banned from it. I actually came here to comment on the matter of this report’s validity when I saw the update.

    Needless to say, I have never been more horrified at being proven wrong.

    This foul event is something I would expect from the time of Theodosius or other tyrants of like mind, not 2011 BCE. May we all pray for the recovery of Flamen Dialis Corvus and remember that, although it may seem it, we don’t have to sing “Vicisti, Galilæe”.


  11. As a Gay rights activist, I cannot help but be struck by what I perceive as the underlying motivation in their quest for moral dominance in the USA and abroad as they broker ties with political powerhouses and attempt to convince the citizens that it’s somehow okay (or, their “Constitutional Right”, as they allege, here in America) to vote on the rights of a minority in an effort to circumvent basic and secular-moral codes as they fight for the legal ability to discriminate against a minority (whether Gay or Pagan) in terms of housing, employment, medical treatment, and goods and services so long as they are free to legally invoke what they call “religious liberties” (the National Organization for Marriage has admitted to this, this year). How far a step is it, really, to legally discriminate against the Gay community, under the guise that preventing it is a violation of their individual “religious liberties” to coming after a religious minority? I have often tried to ask Maggie Gallagher (the founding President of NOM), if we allowed her and NOM to dispatch with us and have her religious convictions enshrined in the law, if she would stop or if she would come after some other minority (after all, in a Yale debate with Andrew Sullivan, she insisted that it was legally impossible to discriminate against Gay people, because we do not meet her definition of what constitutes discrimination). The same religious substratum that is motivating anti-Gay theofascists in terms of their blind notion of superiority is surely at work in their hearts of their anti-Pagan coevals.

  12. It is also worth noting how firmly theofascist much of Eastern Europe and Russia continue to be. In Russia, Gay pride continues to be banned, as political officials continue to invoke the God of the Christians; radio personalities make both and violent threats against the Russian Gay community; and crowds are quick to viciously and verbally denounce as well as violently attack Gay people throughout Russia, even with police officers standing near by as they refuse to intervene!

  13. Spooky Chick

    It upsets me to see those who would call themselves Christians attack another religions house of prayer. How dare they judge and persecute! Have they forgotten they were once persecuted!

    • Honestly? Rome didn’t persecute Christians anywhere near as badly as Christians want people to think. Theirs is a death-cult and persecution complex beyond all reasonable measure.

  14. Hearing this just makes me feel so numb with shock. Who could possibly do such a thing? To break into another’s holy place and beat a priest! There must be a stone where their hearts should be. May the shrieks of the Erinyes chill them to the marrow, and may Their whips cut as deep. Toss them in with Tantalos and let the Harpies defecate on them.

    (And really, they had to pick on Jupiter’s temple and priest? Let’s see if those Christians ever find an open door and a welcoming host again.)

  15. This is embarrassing behavior. They are acting like selfish children who are whining b/c they are not getting the attention they want. Its funny how so many people believe in the same god, but it is all telling them different things. There are other people here you know, we have to share this world. Sorry but change is coming, weather you like it or not.

    Bless the man and his family. )O(

  16. What the fuck! That is horribly and quite maddening. Whatever happened to their own frickin’ golden rule, “Love your neighbor as yourself”? Does that only apply to fellow Christians, or what?
    And what exactly is the point of destroying someone else’s temple? Do they somehow think it’ll make them want to become Christians too?!

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  18. David Menard

    WTF!Enough is enough and this is to much.We need to have a united front against these cowardly xtian scum. All groups Pagan ,Heathen,Kemet,Hindu,Druid,Wiccan everybody and start standing up for our rights. Dave

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  20. Pan in Louisiana

    I’m a devout reconstructionist pagan in Louisiana. I worship the gods of ancient Greece. I know quite a few evangelical Christians very well, and the ones I know well, I can guarantee you, would not dream of condoning what was said and what happened in Ohio, Lithuania, or the Ukraine. Millions of people are evangelical Christians, and they are a mixed bag of people morally, despite similarities in belief. The ones I know well wouldn’t dream of tolerating a minister who said that it was okay to burn pagans at the stake. YES, OBVIOUSLY THERE ARE THOSE AMONG THEM WHO WOULD DO SO, BUT THOSE PEOPLE ARE NOT PART OF MY LIFE EXPERIENCE.

    I do not write this in order to defend Evangelical Christianity. I stew about Evangelical Christianity (and the antics of their leaders) at least as much as anybody in the blogosphere (inside my own head, at least). It’s become a bad habit, actually, because I need to be focusing on what I believe.

    The saddest thing to me about these attacks, both physical and verbal, is, even if the people who committed such outrages really knew us neopagans inside and out, it wouldn’t change their behavior as concerns us a damned bit. They are trapped in a religion that assures them they’re going to Hell if they attempt to reason their way out of their inherited religious beliefs.

    The truth is, practically speaking, when it comes to religion, at least in the Western World, there is freedom of choice, but there is nothing (realistically speaking) to choose from. There are no realistic choices for people other than a bunch of variants on Christianity. YES, people CAN become pagans, or become Hare Krishnas, or Buddhists, or practitioners of Santeria, but we all know that the reality is the great majority of people simply aren’t going to do a thing like that. We who converse on these pagan blogs are the exceptions to a general rule. Most people inherit their general religious beliefs like they inherit furniture.

    The best thing we recon pagans can do, as I see things, is to continue growing in numbers. Although proselytizing is not part of our tradition, why not try to nudge some of the people most similar to us — the Wiccans — to investigate Reconstructionist Paganism. And let’s join forces with those hard polytheists who are not ‘neo’ because they never ceased practicing polytheism in the first place — the practioners of Shinto, of Santeria, Voudun, Ifa, Candomble, and the unambiguously polytheistic sects within Hinduism. Let’s communicate more (and quibble less) with YSEE in Greece. So the YSEE has declared itself to be anti-gay in the past? I can tell you now that this kind of thing ain’t going to last long, not in YSEE, or in any other pagan group, for that matter.




  21. Hell I didn’t know…. And they call themselves christians wtf. I’m so sorry to hear…. Thank you for the information though.

  22. Ambrosius

    Wow. These people really piss me off. I followed the link you provided displaying pictures of the desecrated temple and honestly…wtf?

  23. Monte Plaisance

    Reblogged this on echoesfromthetemple.

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