Watch this.

Then watch it again. Then a couple more times, because this short film comes closer to depicting the god I worship than anything I’ve ever seen before.


Just … wow.

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10 thoughts on “Watch this.

  1. What a brilliant film, thanks for sharing that.


  2. Thank you for pointing that short film out to us.


  3. Jay

    That, was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it.


  4. redshoes

    Wow, that was powerful. I’ve never seen anything like it.Thanks for sharing.


  5. Seillean Ioho

    This made me happy. Thanks for bringing a bit of much needed Dionysos into my Monday morning ;)


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  7. So, you’re saying that Dionysos likes banana bread?

    Fun film! And Dionysos was cute, too! (It always sucks when the main deity of a film piece like this is not personally attractive to one…kinda puts a damper on things, at least for me.)


  8. Stunning! Gave me chills.


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  10. -Can’t stop watching this and has been watching it at least once every day ever since it was posted on the Wild Hunt-


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