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Playing pranks on April 1st is just too obvious when you’re a fool all the rest of the year. (As I am, and proudly so!) So instead I’ll post some links that I find amusing for various reasons.

* Is the soul of a woman to be found in her vagina? I’m not sure, but it sounds like a good place to start looking!
* There’s a dispute in a rural village about the harvest, which leads some of his neighbors to show up on Horion’s doorstep waving a fetus around to cast a spell on him. Apparently it works as he lets them take the harvest unopposed. This sounds like the premise of a Rob Zombie flick.
* The Lycurgus cup. If you don’t know about it, you should. It’ll mess with your brain trying to figure out how the ancient Romans did it.
* 5 inspiring religions that worship penises. Why isn’t Greco-Egyptian polytheism on there, damn it?!? Otherwise an exceptional piece of scholarship.
* Boy, those ancient Greeks liked their phalloi!
* Spider-Man supports Planned Parenthood by fighting a villain that wants girls to be baby machines with no future. That’s why you’re my hero, Peter Parker!
* Speaking of things that should have been aborted, there’s a “Steampunk” Sarah Palin comic book.
* Dear Sriracha Rooster Sauce. Man, I’d be so screwed without this stuff.
* Vegan Zombie.
* All life on earth could have come from alien zombies. No, seriously.
* Soon, Christianity is going to be really brown and really hateful of the West. All things inevitably revert to form.
* Just thinking about Christianity makes people more racist.
* Going to church can make you fat.
*PETA is calling for more “animal-inclusive” language in the Bible.
* Martyrdom across the centuries. I was going to mock up something along these lines during the great “transies”/dianic debate but my artistic skills are pretty much equivalent to that.
* Abraham Lincoln riding a grizzly bear. There’s other awesome presidential stuff there, too.

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7 thoughts on “Some things of possible interest

  1. Holy crap… I have to agree with one of the commenters on the Palin comic – “can’t unsee that!” No matter how hard I try. “Robama” is brilliant, though.

    And on the other hand – yay! for Sriracha! I firmly believe the gods use it to spice up their ambrosia… and if they don’t, they should. I bet they go through a case a week up there.

    Also, if you haven’t seen this, then you’ve missed out on one of the greatest images of all time.


    • paosirdjhutmosu

      Holy Jesus H. Christ on a dinosaur! And the color names. “Flesh of Christ”.


  2. I think that paper has just completely redefined the phrase “soul-searching.”


  3. Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for linking to my post about the Lycurgus Cup. It’s a pretty amazing work of art on its own and the fact that it features nanoparticles is astounding to me. Cheers, Maryse


  4. Loved your line following the link about “the soul of a woman”. It had kind of a “Groucho Marx performs at the Dionysia Festival” feel to it!


  5. Never knew about the Lycurgus Cup; going to let me group know about it now, though. Beautiful.

    The Steampunk Sarah Palin comic made me want to tear out my eyes with steam-driven drills.

    Thanks for all the funny links. ^_^


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